Sleep cuddling… it happens.

Has anyone else done this or other crazy things in their sleep?

So, I met up with a guy I had been seeing in Kings Cross one night, it was about 5am by the time we met up and I was DRUNK!

We went back to his place and I fell asleep and at sometime within the next few hours I went to the toilet. When I woke up in the morning, my guy says to me “do you remember going to the toilet in the night?”. “No”, I say. “So you don’t remember getting back into bed in the wrong room and snuggling up to the wrong guy?”

OMG! Anyone else? Tell me I am not alone…


I’ll Fly Away: Well today was just awful.


I’m really trying to be more positive and less off putting. But tonight. Seriously. I went into it feeling okay. Really.


But between my date saying that he doesn’t read, didn’t vote, thought his ex girlfriend was a whore, and asking me if I had sex with a lot of guys because I seemed like…

Dating is tough.

I’ll Fly Away: Well today was just awful.

Here are several reasons why a younger woman fall in love with an older guy:


  • Older men are more stable.
  • Older men are most likely to commit 
  • Older men are more experienced sexually than a younger woman’s male peers. 
  • And, yes, not to mention the financial benefits of an older partner. Older men tend to be generous and would shower a younger mate with a lot of material things and travels abroad.
  • Emotionally, women develop earlier than men, so a relationship with an older man may be more fulfilling in that way, as well.

I prefer older men… What’s your vote older or younger & why??